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Jordi Solé Tura (Mollet del Vallès 1930 - Barcelona 2009). Professor in Political Law, Constitutional Law professor, and politician. He was one of the drafters of the 1978 Spanish Constitution and the Statute of Autonomy of 1979, the first minister with the Socialist government, senator and member of the Council of Europe.

1930 Jordi Solé Tura was born in Mollet del Vallès, May 23rd.
1942 Leaves studies, due to the premature death of his father and the civil war, and worked in the family business, the Ca la Vicenta bakery. Self-taught, he studied English.
1951 He starts secondary studies in Barcelona.
1952 He enters the University of Barcelona to study law.
1956  He joins in a PSUC (political party) and, together with other partners, constitutes the organization of intellectual.
1957 He receives extraordinary degree award.
1959 Professor Manuel Jiménez de Parga chooses Jordi Solé Tura as the first assistant professor from his chair of political law at the University of Barcelona.
1960 Went into exile in France.
1962 He moves to Bucharest, to work as speaker in the clandestine Radio Pirenaica.
1964 Back to Paris, worked as editor in chief of the magazine Reality with Claudin and Semprún.
1965 He returns to Catalonia where is turned out from the PSUC.
1966 He participated in the Caputxinada with over five hundred students and progressive intellectuals, which would imply that the ministerial sanction away for two years of teaching.
1967 Edicions 62 publishes his thesis Catalisme i revolució burgesa. He obtains his PhD with an excellent cum laude.
1968 During the French May participate in a meeting in Paris of intellectuals Catalan, M. Aurèlia Capmany, Jordi Borja and Josep Maria Castellet.
1969 Put into operation the Press Law Minister Manuel Fraga Iribarne and Solé Tura is arrested and jailed.
1970 Joins Bandera Roja, clandestine group of university students and workers in Barcelona.
1972 Participate in the implementation of the Faculty of Law, University of Lleida. It is the first dean of the faculty.
1974 Solé Tura returned to teaching as an adjunct professor of political rights. Enter again to PSUC and is appointed member of the Central Committee and head of the front of intellectuals.
1976 Death of General Franco, the court appoints Solé Tura University lecturer of political rights.
1977 The first legislative elections give a seat of deputy by PSUC. Part of the group of speakers from the 1978 Constitution.
1978 Jordi Solé Tura speaker is proposed to draft the Statute of Autonomy of Catalonia (Sau Statute).
1982 Gets the Chair of Constitutional Law.
1983 He is appointed unanimously by PSUC candidate for mayor of Barcelona.
1985 He was named dean of the Faculty of Law, University of Barcelona.
1986 Actively involved in several attempts to assembling the political left in Catalonia, as the "Conference of men and women left." Jury is part of Prince of Asturias Award for Social Sciences.
1987 He publishes the book Autonomies, federalisme i autodeterminació.
1988 Join the "Convention by a majority of national progress" and appears as a separate list of the PSC to Parliament elections in Catalonia.
1989 Part, as a member of the party, the nomination of the PSC in the general elections and is elected to Congress.
1991 He is appointed Culture Minister in the Socialist government headed by Felipe González.
1992 He was named vice president of the Second Conference of European Ministers Responsible for Cultural Heritage.
1993 Elected in general elections and appointed chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee of Congress. It is re-elected assemblies of the Council of Europe and the Western European Union.
1995 He is elected vice president of the Monitoring Committee of the Council of Europe Member States.
1996 He is Member of Parliament for the PSC, PSOE Federal Committee member and senator for the Socialist Group.
1998 Council Town of Mollet del Vallès awarded him the Medal of the City.
1999 In autumn presents his autobiographical book Una història optimista.
2000 Was elected senator for Entesa Catalana pel Progrés, representing the PSC.
2001 He promotes the creation of the Catalan Committee for Refugees UNHCR.
  He ends his participation in the Monitoring Committee of the Council of Europe, begun in 1997.
2003 Signature of the transfer the documentary Jordi Solé Tura to Council Town of Mollet del Vallès and creation of the Centre d'Estudis per la Democràcia.
  The City Council of Barcelona granted him the Gold Medal of the city.
2004 The University of Lleida appointed honorary doctorate.
  End his participation in the Committee on Legal Affairs and Human Rights Council of Europe, begun in 1994.
2005 Creation of the Advisory Council of Centre d'Estudis per la Democràcia.
2007 The Government granted the Creu de Sant Jordi.
2008 Presentation of the documentary Bucarest, la memòria perduda, directed by his son, Albert Solé
2009 Jordi Solé Tura dies on December 4th.
2010 The Government granted the Gold Medal posthumously.
  Congress and the Senate will pay tribute.
  Constitution of the Group of Friends of Jordi Solé Tura in Mollet del Vallès.


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