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The Second Meeting of the Group of Friends of Jordi Solé Tura

The Second Meeting of the Group of Friends of Jordi Solé Tura was on 17 of May 2011 in the Teather Municipal Can Gomà. 

First, in the event was presented the book Jordi Solé Tura, a legacy for Democracy, edited by Jordi Solé Tura Studies Center for Democracy. The book is a continuation of the biography of Solé Tura that the City Council of Mollet began in 1998 with the publication Jordi Solé Tura, Mollet distinguished, when he became illustrious son of Mollet.

This new book covers the events of the life of Jordi Solé Tura from 1998 until his death.

Second, was presented the sculpture Layers of memory. Tribute to Jordi Solé Tura, by the artist Richard Vaccaro who has given the sculpture to town of Mollet. The sculpture is located in the Town Hall, but the permanent location will, in future, farms Can Flequer, where will the Study Center for Democracy and the documentary collection of Jordi Solé Tura.

According to the same sculptor, Layers of Memory is a sculpture dedicated to Jordi Solé Tura, who wants to represent the fragility: "In essence, humans are fragile, probably the most enduring thoughts are, what curiously completely intangible. It is a sculpture that plays with a certain transparency (the figure of Jordi), and fragility (the disease). The many ties that their intellectual contributions were established for the management of the country are those little copper wires surrounding the whole piece and go beyond the core, as it has done in his thoughts. "

At the second meeting, also presented the new documentary by Albert Solé The end of the trip, a film that, in the words of its director, is "worthy of the death of a worthy man, Miguel Nuñez, and the end of a unique generation of fighters."

The film has a connection to Bucharest, Memory Lost, the previous film by Albert Solé on life and the illness of his father, won a Goya in 2009, in which Nuñez, a close friend of Sole Tura, also plays a role.

Miguel Nuñez, was an active communist militant who became one of the heroes of the struggle against Franco. He was imprisoned and tortured on several occasions and at the end of his life with a severe respiratory illness, he starred in his last fight for a dignified death.

At the end of the trip won the audience award and the silver trophy at Malaga Film Festival 2011 and the Special Jury Mention at the Festival de Guadalajara (Mexico).

Finally, some group of friends made their contribution, recalling aspects of personal Jordi Solé Tura: Anna Aguilar and Marta Continente, friends and partner Jordi Solé Tura during his time as Minister of Culture and Joan Ollé, president of the Athletic Club Mollet, who presented the initiative to give the name of Jordi Solé Tura Memorial to the traditional athletic race that the club organizes each year for the winter festival.

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