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The Third Meeting of the Group of Friends of Jordi Solé Tura

The celebration of the third group of Friends of Jordi Solé Tura Meeting was on 23 May 2012 and began with a walk in the Mollet of Jordi Solé Tura. The bridge of the Mandra, the Ateneu, the old City Hall, Ca la Vicenta oven, and finally the birthplace of Jordi Solé Tura were emblematic areas where Montserrat Tura, Member of the Parliament of Catalonia, Marcel Planellas, Advisory Council Center for Democracy Studies, Jaume Boix, Member of the Advisory Centre for Studies Molletans, Albert Solé, son of Jordi Solé Tura, and Teresa Eulàlia Calzada, his widow explained anecdotes of his experiences with Jordi Solé Tura.

The street facade Lluís Duran, 88, Josep Monràs and Teresa Eulàlia Calzada, widow of Catalan politician uncovered plaque marks the house where Jordi Solé Tura was born and spent his childhood. The Mayor explained that "it is the shared home of the first illustrious of Mollet, Jordi Solé Tura and Joan Abelló," neighbors during his first years of life.

Teresa Eulàlia Calzada introduced and read excerpts from a diary of adolescence unusual Jordi Solé Tura where he writes "thank you for letting me be born in this vast land of Catalonia" in the words of political molletense already sensed an deep feeling for one's own culture and interest in social issues.

The event concluded at the Museum Abelló which opened in 1999 with the participation of Jordi Solé Tura as a former Minister of Culture. Friends intervened. First, Llargués Andreu, president of the Guild of Bakers of the province of Barcelona, ??who highlighted the molletanismo and the deep feeling that Julien was always a baker by profession.

Second, Francesc Vallverdú, member of the Philological Section of the Institute of Catalan Studies, recalled fellow college stage and the beginning of social and political activism, as well as Catalan.

Third, Anna Salles, professor of Contemporary History at the Autonomous University Autònoma of Barcelona, ??spoke of moments shared with Jordi Solé Tura, especially those moments in 1975 that "the occurrence of the expected outcome" referring to the death the dictator Franco.

Finally, the Mayor of Mollet, Josep Monràs concluded the ceremony with words of gratitude to people like Jordi Solé Tura "give value to the engines of our lives, beliefs." Today, he said "we need many Jordis to deal with these winds that come against us."

On the Vallès Visió has a special that features the first part of the event, the route to Mollet

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