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Jordi Solé Tura Concert: Ravensburg and Mollet del Vallès togheter by the music

The concert by the Youth Orchestra of the Province of Ravensburg and the Orchestra of the Municipal School of Music in Mollet del Vallès was held in the framework of the activities of the Group of Friends of Jordi Solé Tura, given the feeling European of the politician, his devotion to culture and music.

The Mercat Vell, Mollet civic area, met for over an hour about 300 people enthusiastically applauded the two musical ensembles.

Among the public, attended Teresa Eulalia Calzada, widow of Jordi Solé Tura, Albert Solé, son of Solé Tura, and Pasqual Maragall, president of the Generalitat and member of the Group of Friends of Jordi Solé Tura.

The relationship between Mollet and Ravensburg comes from a common twinning of the two cities with the Italian city of Rivoli. A linkage based on culture, peace and cooperation in the European framework.

Reception at the House of Town

Before the concert, Josep Monràs,  the mayor of Mollet, Antonio Felices Councilman and coordinator Institutional Action , Joan Daví Councilman twinning, and Merce Bertran, councilor for the Performing Arts, received Rudolf Hämmerle, Ravensburg city councilor and responsible Federation of wind orchestras in the region, Florian Hubl, manager of the Federation of wind orchestras in the region and the Youth Orchestra, and Myriam Gompper, manager of the Municipal Orchestra of Ravensburg.

Josep Monràs, mayor of Mollet del Vallès thanked them for participating in this concert and said "The Wills are what makes Europe." Also expressed hope "that this concert will serve to further strengthen the friendship between Mollet i Ravensburg "based mainly in cultural and educational fields, as recently Mollet has hosted for a few months a group of students from Ravensburg.

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