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Mission and goals

The mission of the Centre d'Estudis per la Democràcia is to preserve and spread the personal, intellectual and academic legacy of Jordi Solé Tura and, by extension of the disciplines that distinguished its public career, such as constitutional law and politics, with the goal of developing and deeping in the knowledge of democracy as a system of popular sovereignty and think about our contemporary society, reinforce the critical awareness of citizenship, contribute to its development, encourage dialogue and social cohesion and make possible that Mollet del Vallès is known in the cultural and universitary field.  

The aims of the Centre are to become a forum of study and research around democracy, with the will of joining the politic, academic and citizen fields, and contribute to the knowing of the career and intellectual contributions of Jordi Solé Tura

The main activities done since the creation of the Centre are the works of classification  of the documentary collection of Jordi Solé Tura. It also announces the Jordi Solé Tura Award for a doctoral thesis on democracy. In April 2010 was set up the Group of Friends of Jordi Solé Tura, opened to everybody.

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Centre d'Estudis per la Democràcia Jordi Solé Tura. Plaça Major, 1 (Casa de la Vila). 93 571 95 00


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